What is Intuitive Reflexology?

Good question.  We each have 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of each foot.  These nerve endings correspond with our glands and organs, so pressing on them can stimulate your entire body.  When your feet are happy your whole body is happy.  This is the reason a great foot massage is so healing.   Reflexology:

  • Releases stress and tension
  • Improves blood supply
  • Promotes the unblocking of nerve impulses
  • Helps nature achieve body balance

As a Licensed Massage Therapist for 25 years, your feet are in my hands.

I also am an Intuitive, or Psychic.  My guides, guardians and Angels connect to yours with permission, and I can then “read” the energy in that moment, to deliver the messages you desire in answer to your life questions.  This is a really great combination with foot reflexology.  Your body gets relaxed and cleared, and your mind receives answers.

My “hands on” work is located in Phoenix, Arizona.  I can do “Remote or Distance,” readings via telephone, anywhere, with body clearing added. If you are wanting to receive healing and clarity, or gain relaxation, call me today.  Patti 602-568-4458




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