Want to be psychic? You already are!

Settle down, get calm, listen up, then take action, as you allow it to unfold, through the use of your guidance system. Sound easy?   It kind of is.  It is in working through the complexities of life, that we get to the simplicities.Reaching Your Higher Self

I teach classes on how to become more psychic, and learningto fine tune your intuition.  We all have intuition.  It is the language of the Soul.  It is our voice deep within, the smaller, quieter version, that often gingerly comes forth to help direct us.  It is not the loud, ego voice that runs on old patterns, old beliefs and fear based thinking.  Getting quiet is a must for access, or even a walking meditation to quiet the monkey mind.

Let me teach you the fine art of “tuning in.”  And if that is not your cup of tea, allow me to get a clear reading with you, to help ease your life’s journey, and get some of your questions answered. Utilizing the psychic energy for others is one of my favorite ways to be of service.  Spirit unfolds through each person brought forth, to gain clarity and guide them into their own, personal truth.

Being Psychic, or even Medium ship (speaking with those who have “crossed over,” in death) is not a scary thing.  It is God/Source motivated to allow other dimensions of time and space thru the veil.  It is accessing the subconscious mind of the Higher self to get to the truth of the heart of the matter.  We all know the truth of who we are, and what we really want.  We just sometimes don’t realize we have the power to answer all of our life’s questions.  This is why we have many guides and angels surrounding us, which I connect to, for gaining clear insight to help you on your path.  If intuitiveness is of interest to you, please keep me in mind.  I can help you, and teach you how to help yourself, utilizing your own personal psychic energy.


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