The Past Does Not Have To Equal The Future

The past does not have to equal the now, much less the future.  Embrace all parts of

yourself because it has made you who you are.  Be grateful for every nugget you receive along

the journey of life, for it creates your substance, and all of these experiences allow your

essence to shine.  Without the good, bad and ugly qualifiers of life, we would not be creating

CONTRAST so that we can achieve CLARITY.

We create everything in our lives and are always at choice, even if sometimes our paradigm

of victimhood steps in and takes over. It is as Mike Dooley says:  “Thoughts become things,

choose the good ones.”

In every instance of our lives, painful or not, it gives us a chance to forgive the events and

ourselves for what is needed to move forward.  We progress in the knowingness that life is

created on Divine time, and not necessarily matching our own thoughts or schedules.  This

gives us the freedom to look at the lessons, and change the way we feel about them.  We often

cannot control the events coming into our lives, but we certainly can control how we

perceive them and feel about them.  This gives us the ability to stand in our own power and do

what is right from within our hearts.

So the next time you are bemoaning a past event that may appear negative, ask  yourself;

“What good has come out of this lesson?”  Sometimes this is hard to do, but the fact that the

experience then winds up positive, has a great effect upon your cellular body and your Soul’s

beingness.  And that old story, is likely to not have as much power over you, as you recognize

the message imbedded.  “Use your words,” as we tell our children, or just tell a completely

different story to yourself of the empowerment that came about because of your willingness to

review your truth.  And remember, as Denise Linn says, “Who you are is enough.”



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