Soul Coaching®

What is Soul Coaching®?

Sometimes in life we all need a helping hand. We’d like someonePink Flower to be there for us, to help process our answers, or coach us in the next step to take.  When confusion arises, uncertainty or pain, we may need assistance.  Using my inventive technique called grounded in love, I can take you into a Soul journey to discover your authentic truth.  A Soul journey is a deeply guided relaxing meditation that takes you to a safe place in nature, where you can access your own guides and angels, then receive answers to your life’s questions.  These journeys can remove doubt, fear and confusion, and will help you discover hidden talents or inner peace.

You are deeply relaxed, but completely in control at all times.  As your coach, my intuitiveness will help guide you.


“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Anis Ninn