The Services I offer are:
Soul Coaching:  Let me be your champion.  I will assist with your life’s challenges and coach you in the next step of your journey through whole life coaching.

Past Life Coaching:  Come travel to a distant place via a past life journey.  Learn more about how your past may be affecting your present.

I am an Intuitive or Psychic.  Allow me to tune in with your guides and angels, to gather information to help you with your life’s questions.

I am also a Medium.  Let me read the energy surrounding you and help guide those who have “crossed over” to communicate. This will assist you in receiving answers and gaining closure as needed.

I practice Intuitive massage, Craniosacral therapy and Usui reiki energy work.  I also administer reflexology.

I offer wellness, coaching and clarity packages, plus teach workshops and classes.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment to create a healthier YOU.

All services are $80.00 an hour, packages include a discount.  Soul journeys and Past Life journeys require an hour and 1/2.