I offer Wellness programs, coaching and clarity packages.

I have a 6 week Soul Coaching® course, online, one on one, or in a group setting.  Do you need to un-stuff your life?  Wish to clear clutter, and release your mind, body and emotions?  This program will teach you to let go and stuff- it no more.  Along with daily affirmations, clearing, and finding the truth of your Soul, it includes seven ½ hour weekly calls and a reading.  Bring a friend along and receive an additional discount.

Clarity Package:

Receive 3 sessions of Intuitive readings as your focus.  Allow our guides to speak together, to gain perspective on your life’s questions.  These can be utilized via the telephone, face to face, or a combo.

Body Wellness Package:

4 weeks for a healthier you. Tailored and personalized, you will receive intuitive bodywork, energy sessions and reflexology.  Learn relaxation and grounding techniques for stress reduction.

Soul Journey/Past Life package:

Receive 3 sessions to gain access to your inner being and transition beyond present challenges.  Find out how past life events can be impacting you today.  Learn the lessons imbedded in the journey.

Tele-therapy is available.  Try a phone session, receive personalized coaching, readings or distance healing.  In a hurry?  Try a 15 minute, lazer coaching session.  Get right to the point!

All services make great gifts.