Life is Messy

We often hope our lives are like the movies all wrapped up in abundance, with positive, happy endings.  Well sometimes, it’s much more like the soap operas we laugh at, over the top, painful and downright absurd.  It is part of the trials and tribulation of our humanness.  Sometimes reality does not match our expectation, and it’s as if we’ve set ourselves up for failure.  But in those nuggets of learning and reality, we recognize and see ourselves more clearly.Love is all around

By judging ourselves, the situation, and others, we get to the other side of forgiveness and recognize that we don’t know the whole story.  We only know our viewpoint.  And in the learning of the surrounding viewpoints,  we piece together bits to make sense of our realities.  It is called life and it’s an evolutionary path and some days only the strong survive.  But as we keep wading through it, (often needing hip boots,) the twists and turns on our path can arrive at joy again, and we get a glimpse of how we wish to live forever.  Our lives can easily twist back into peace, harmony and knowingness, and back it all seems, right with the world.

We never really know the whole story, and it’s in this truth that we are forever seeking a higher level of living and learning.  It is our quest to find forgiveness in our humanness, and to create stability in our everyday being-ness that keeps us going.  Like our bodies forever creating homeostasis, our souls are doing the same equivalent on a spiritual quest.  Striving for balance, peace, and harmony in all things.  It gives us a challenge in our lifetimes to help us make sense of the messy lives we lead.  Allow me to help you in your quest to make sense of the messiness of your life.



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