I Claim My Desire for Health

I have done a lot of releasing of what is not necessary to my life now. It’s time to just let go of possessions from my past that don’t seem to serve me.  Time to pull out old, ill fitting clothing, and things I don’t wear, taking up precious space, and allow them to go forward into someone else’s wardrobe or life.

Paul Simon wrote it succinctly in a song.  His lyrics stated,” One man’s ceiling, is another man’s floor.”  This is true on so many levels.

My past possessions can help so many people.  Those in need will find them interesting, desirable and fun, and they will use these things in good stead.  I then have created open space for the universe to fill with magical goodness.  Open space has been a rare commodity in my life, prior to now.  I haven’t been a hoarder, but let’s just say I liked stuff.  I also released a long time relationship with a man, who really was a borderline hoarder.  This is allowing me to see possibilities.

In the opening of the now, I am discovering what it is that I truly want next.  In the clarity of my desires, I can create my greatest good, as well as the greatest good of all concerned.  The awareness of my longings and disconnect, guide my glorious future into my authentic path put before me at birth.  I allow life to unfold for me, surrendering to fulfilling my dreams in a much larger way. My life really can be my prayer, and I can be the one choosing it.  Amen.

In this newer, expansive space, I desire health.  Well being, for me, is the greatest possession I select to treasure.  It is with vitality and harmony that I can continue my life’s path and serve humanity.  Part of being fit and healthy for me, is to find that open space, and dwell within it, and I give thanks for the opportunity to have found it.



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