The Past Does Not Have To Equal The Future

The past does not have to equal the now, much less the future.  Embrace all parts of

yourself because it has made you who you are.  Be grateful for every nugget you receive along

the journey of life, for it creates your substance, and all of these experiences allow your

essence to shine.  Without the […]

I Claim My Desire for Health

I have done a lot of releasing of what is not necessary to my life now. It’s time to just let go of possessions from my past that don’t seem to serve me.  Time to pull out old, ill fitting clothing, and things I don’t wear, taking up precious space, and allow them to go […]

What is Intuitive Reflexology?

Happy Intuitive Footsies

Good question.  We each have 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of each foot.  These nerve endings correspond with our glands and organs, so pressing on them can stimulate your entire body.  When your feet are happy your whole body is happy.  This is the reason a great foot massage is so healing.   Reflexology:

Releases stress and […]

Life is Messy

Love is all around

We often hope our lives are like the movies all wrapped up in abundance, with positive, happy endings.  Well sometimes, it’s much more like the soap operas we laugh at, over the top, painful and downright absurd.  It is part of the trials and tribulation of our humanness.  Sometimes reality does not match our expectation, […]

Earth School

A screwy day in Earth school

  We are ever learning here in Earth school.  We have incarnated to expand, grow and evolve, and sometimes we need help with our journey.  Life can be messy.  Our emotions guide us, and in the illusion of chaos, we lose sight of what’s real.  I am here as your reality check.  I am the […]

Want to be psychic? You already are!

Reaching Your Higher Self

Settle down, get calm, listen up, then take action, as you allow it to unfold, through the use of your guidance system. Sound easy?   It kind of is.  It is in working through the complexities of life, that we get to the simplicities.

I teach classes on how to become more psychic, and learningto fine tune […]

Are you choosing to live in Joy?

Finding joy!

Sometimes in life we get so bogged down with the hustle and bustle, that we forget to have fun.  We get caught up in shoulda, coulda, woulda, hurry, scurry, worry, oughta, gotta,  go…go…go, and rush…rush…rush.  Our lives become, living in the future, or dwelling in the past, and we forget to be present.  I have […]